Clitoral hood reduction (clitoral hoodectomy) is a cosmetic surgery procedure to decrease the size and area of the clitoral hood to exposeClitoral Hood Reduction in Atlanta the glans of the clitoris further.

Clitoral hoodectomy involves the reduction of the projection of the clitoral hood to make it appear less prominent.

Many patients choose to receive this surgery simultaneously with a labiaplasty. However, it can be performed independently as well. Muse Plastic Surgery, led by double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Wright Jones, provides clitoral hood reduction to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA, and surrounding communities in The Peach State.

Surgical Objective

In some cases, the patient may receive clitoral hood reduction plastic surgery to improve the functioning of her vulva. It is a form of hoodplasty. However, a clitoral hood reduction is considered an aesthetic procedure in a majority of the cases. Often this procedure is carried out in combination with a labiaplasty to decrease the labia minora’s size.

It may also be performed along with a vaginoplasty procedure to create more comprehensive outcomes. Plastic surgeon to the stars Dr. Wright Jones will create a customized surgery plan according to the patient’s unique needs and goals.

Proportionate Reduction

While clitoral hood reduction seems to be a minor procedure, it is, in reality, an intricate surgery which should only be undertaken by an experienced and highly skilled surgeon.

An adept surgeon will improve the aesthetic appearance without causing any poor effects on the function of the treated site. The surgeon will reduce the size of the clitoral hood only until it appears less protuberant.

The surgeon will also seek to make the hood more proportionate with the vulva and labial contours. There should be adequate tissue availability to cover the clitoris appropriately after the reduction procedure. In case of overcorrection or complete excision of the clitoral hood, the patient could experience an increased risk of complications.

The surgeon should employ an individualized surgical approach in such a way that the reduction does not pose any risk to the sensitive nerves in the vaginal region.

This is crucial to ensure that the patient does not suffer any unwanted alterations in sensation. They should still experience the same sensations as they did prior to the procedure after the initial numbness resolves. Famous plastic surgeon Dr. Wright Jones is a highly skilled provider of sexual aesthetic procedures.

Surgical Technique

Bilateral excision of the prepuce tissue which covers the clitoral glans is one technique for decreasing the size of the clitoral hood. This technique involves specific attention to preserving the glans in the midline. Trimming away extra folds of clitoral prepuce tissue with incisions parallel to the long axis of the clitoris is another clitoral hood reduction technique.

In case the patient chooses to receive the clitoral hood reduction in combination with labiaplasty, the surgeon will perform both procedures using common incisions. However, the surgeon may need to place separate incision in some cases.


Clitoral hood reduction offers functional improvement and aesthetic enhancements which typically garner a high satisfaction rate from patients along with a low risk of complications.

The recovery period is minimal, and the patients can go back to their normal activities in a short period. Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Wright Jones provides clitoral hood reduction to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA, and other cities and towns in this glorious part of the country.

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