Excess fat, loose skin, and cellulite can accumulate in the thigh area, and make a person feel self-conscious. Thigh lift cosmetic surgery is a proven procedure to restore firmer and more youthful upper legs. Thigh lift involves removal of excess fat tissue and skin to tone and refine the upper legs.

Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Wright Jones provides thigh lift and various other state of the art procedures for the body, breast and face. Patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA, and surrounding locations have an opportunity to receive thigh lift from Dr. Jones.



Individuals who are bothered by the appearance of unwanted soft tissue and sagging skin along the thighs, which are resistant to diet and exercise, can be suitable candidates for thigh lift. The candidate should have stable body weight and a fair degree of skin elasticity in the thigh area to achieve natural looking results with thigh lift plastic surgery.


Surgical Techniques

Several techniques are available today to perform thigh lift. An experienced surgeon will customize the procedure and choose the most appropriate technique according to the patient’s needs.


Inner Thigh Lift

This technique involves an incision made at the point where the thigh meets the pubic area. The cosmetic surgeon will gain access to the underlying tissue through the incision, and remove a wedge of excess skin and fat from the inner thigh region, and tighten the remaining skin to enhance leg contours.


Mini Thigh Lift

Some patients may only have a concern about sagging tissue in the upper third of the leg. The surgeon may modify the inner thigh lift to perform a mini lift, which involves a shorter scar in the groin. Scarring is minimal with this technique, and recovery is faster.


Bilateral Thigh Lift

Bilateral thigh lift or outer thigh lift is used to tighten loose skin in the front and outside of the upper leg. This technique is particularly appropriate in cases where the patient has excessive loose skin following a major weight loss, and the surgeon needs to remove a large amount of sagging tissue.


Medial Thigh Lift

This technique is aimed at reducing loose skin and excess fat on the upper portion of the inner thigh. The surgeon may recommend this technique for a patient who is unhappy with the shape of their legs or wants to get rid of excess skin. Dr. Jones receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA, and nearby areas for thigh lift surgery.



The surgeon will make an incision into the thigh according to the chosen surgical technique as decided during the planning stage. Small amounts of stubborn fat tissue as well as soft tissue will be removed through the incisions.

Once the removal of fat and soft tissue is completed, the surgeon will pull the skin taut and trim it to provide a smooth and svelte appearance to the thigh. Thigh muscles may also be tightened in some cases. After the surgery, the incisions will be closed with sutures and drains may be placed to prevent fluid accumulation below the skin.

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