Dr. Wright Jones is a dedicated African American plastic surgeon providing a range of safe and innovative cosmetic surgery procedures, including rhinoplasty. During the initial consultation process, Dr. Jones will discuss various aspects of the procedure, including recovery. He receives both ethnic and other patients for rhinoplasty and other plastic surgery procedures from Atlanta, Buckhead, Marietta GA, and surrounding areas.

Estimated Period of Recovery

The initial downtime and the total recovery period involved in rhinoplasty performed by a cosmetic surgeon is an important question, particularly for busy moms and working people who may find it more difficult to take time off for a surgery. The exact downtime will differ between any two patients, depending on the complexity of the cosmetic surgery, the surgical technique employed by the surgeon, and the patient’s natural healing ability.

On average, a majority of patients will be able to return to their workplace or resume their regular activities at home within five to seven days. However, patients who have undergone a major rhinoplasty procedure including implants or nasal reconstruction may require about 10 to 14 days for recovery. With an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Jones, patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Marietta GA, and nearby locations can expect a quicker and safer recovery.

Early Recovery Period

While the recovery process may vary from patient to patient, but some of the experiences will be common among most patients. A mild pain in the affected areas of the nose is likely in the first few days, and some patients may also complain of a minor headache. If severe pain occurs, it could be a sign of some kind of an infection, which must be addressed soon. Pain medications can be used to keep the patient comfortable in the first few days.

One of the most commonly occurring symptoms during the rhinoplasty recovery period is nasal congestion. This problem may carry on for several days, depending on how far the internal swelling has occurred. This condition will start improving from second week onwards. If the patient experienced breathing obstruction prior to surgery, they will be able to notice an immediate improvement after the procedure.

Bruising and Swelling

Patient should expect some amount of bruising and swelling following a nose job. Moderate swelling can be noticed on the external areas of the nose and cheeks. The extent of swelling and bruising will depend on the invasiveness of the surgery performed, and whether the cosmetic surgeon managed to preserve the surrounding tissue delicately.

If nasal bone displacement or nose reconstruction is involved in the procedure, more pronounced bruising and swelling may occur. While the bruises will fade away in the first one to two weeks, but swelling may take a longer time to disappear completely.

Cast on the Nose

The surgeon will inform the patient in advance about the placement of a cast for the first three to five days after the nose surgery. The cast and sutures may be removed together on the first post-op visit to the surgeon’s office. The patient will start feeling much better as the full effects of the procedure appear gradually.

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