Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation cosmetic surgery is an elaborate procedure requiring some advance preparation. A customized treatment plan and thorough preparation will have a positive impact on the final outcome. Following the initial consultation process, the breast augmentation surgery preparation will usually begin.

As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Wright Jones emphasizes on the importance of preparation in any surgical procedure. Dr. Jones receives breast augmentation patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA, and surrounding communities.

Pre-op Mammograms

Pre-operative mammograms may be required in case of breast augmentation plastic surgery. The surgeon may particularly require a mammogram if the patient is above the age of 40, and has not had a mammogram in the last one or two years. Once this diagnostic test is performed, the patient will have a baseline mammogram on the file, which is anyway going to be useful for comparisons when she undergoes mammograms in the future.

Adjusting Medications

The patient may also be required to undergo a blood test to determine any pre-existing infection or another medical condition. If the patient is on medication or herbal supplements, their regimen may have to be adjusted in consultation with the physician. The surgeon will also require the patient to stop using aspirin and certain other anti-inflammatory medications to mitigate the risk of bleeding during the procedure.

Arranging Help

The cosmetic surgeon may perform breast augmentation at a hospital or an accredited outpatient or ambulatory surgical center. In most cases, it will be performed as an outpatient procedure, and the surgeon will require the patient arrange for someone to driver her back home following surgery. For the first 24 or 48 hours, the patient should ideally have someone at home to assist with the basic chores.

Surgeon’s Instructions

The operating surgeon will typically provide a list of instructions, which should be followed carefully during the pre-op period. These constitute an important part of the preparation process. Some of the common instructions will include the following:

  • Quit smoking at least four to six weeks prior to surgery.
  • Avoid ibuprofen, aspirin, and any other drugs containing these blood thinning elements for at least two weeks before surgery.
  • Do not use Vitamin C, Vitamin E, herbal, and homeopathic supplements and remedies for at least a month prior to surgery, unless otherwise instructed by the surgeon.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses, jewelry, metallic hair accessories, makeup and nail polish on the day of surgery.
  • Choose comfortable clothing for the day of surgery, which can be worn easily following the procedure. The top should preferably have zip or buttons in the front for easy wearing.
  • Do not drink or eat anything for eight hours before surgery.
  • Abstain from alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours prior to surgery.
  • Diabetics and heart patients should discuss their condition with the surgeon during the consultation process as well as on the morning of surgery.

With correct adherence to the preparation guidelines, the patient will mitigate the risk of complications, and improve the chances of desirable and healthy results.

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