How Much Does Dimpleplasty (Dimple surgery) Cost?A dimpleplasty is a plastic surgery procedure designed to create dimples on the cheeks. When some people smile, there are natural indentations that occur on the cheeks which are known as dimples. Some individuals also have dimples on their chins.

At the time of the pre-op consultation, the surgeon will inform the patient on various aspects of dimpleplasty, including its estimated costs. Muse Plastic Surgery, led by focused double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Wright Jones, provides dimple surgery to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA, and surrounding locations.

More Affordable than a Facelift

Dimpleplasty is a fairly simple surgical procedure, while a facelift typically involves more than mere fat redistribution and tissue repositioning. At times, the patient may require liposuction or surgical fat removal as part of a facelift.

The patient may also choose to add procedures such as eyelid lift, forehead lift, chin or cheek implants, or other surgical procedures along with their facelift surgery.

The facelift can also be combined with nonsurgical treatments such as chemical peels to address acne scarring or injectable procedures such as dermal fillers or Botox. The facelift itself can be more complicated than a dimpleplasty.

All these factors render facelift a more expensive surgery than a dimpleplasty. Carding plastic surgeon to the stars, Dr. Wright Jones, will recommend dimple surgery to appropriate candidates.

Factors Affecting the Price Tag

The dimpleplasty costs will be affected by various other factors, and the below mentioned cost elements will typically be a part of the total dollar figure:

  • Plastic surgeon’s charges
  • General anesthesia or IV sedation costs
  • Surgical venue expenses
  • Pre- and post-operative medical exams
  • Post-op consultations with the surgeon
  • Prescription drugs

These cost variables can differ between practices, and at times, even between two patients at the same practice. Dimpleplasty is typically carried out as outpatient surgery. However, in case the patient requires an overnight hospital stay, the costs will increase.

The following factors may affect the dimpleplasty financial stipulations as well:

  • Geographical location of the practice
  • The surgeon’s skills and experience
  • The extent of the procedure and technique chosen
  • The inclusion of additional procedures

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Jones will explain the costs and other aspects of the procedure to the patient in detail at the time of initial consultation.

Investment in Yourself

A dimpleplasty surgery signifies a personal decision for the patient. They should see it as an investment in their self-esteem and body image. The dollar amount alone should not drive their decision to undergo a dimpleplasty. The patient should seek to accomplish safe and effective results that offer them long-term satisfaction and natural looking enhancements.

The patient should research extensively on the credentials, experience, and reputation of the surgeon in the area of facial surgery. They should also understand the types of facial enhancements that are possible with various revision techniques as well as the total costs involved in the procedure.

This will allow them to make appropriate choices and attain the most benefit out of their dimpleplasty surgery.


The patient’s medical plan may not cover the price tag of a dimpleplasty surgery. However, the patient can seek financing through a professional medical care financing company. Such firms offer competitive rates of interest, fast loan approvals, and easy monthly installments.

Reliable famous plastic surgeon Dr. Wright Jones receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA, and other town and cities in this majestic area of the country for dimple surgery.

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