Rhinoplasty or nasal reshaping ranks among the top five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the US today. The procedure can appear minor on the surface, but it is one of the intricate surgeries involving delicate nuances. Ethnic rhinoplasty, in particular, is even more sensitive because it requires the surgeon to have a deep understanding of the peculiar facial and nasal characteristics of ethnic patients.

For ethnic rhinoplasty, the patient should choose a plastic surgeon who has authoritative expertise in ethnic nasal reshaping, and not just general rhinoplasty. Dr. Wright Jones is a leading double board certified plastic surgeon providing cutting edge ethnic rhinoplasty and various other procedures to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA, and surrounding locations.


Top Recognition

While selecting an expert in ethnic rhinoplasty plastic surgery, the patient should evaluate the surgeon’s standing and professional reputation in the community as well as the industry. Dr. Jones has earned several awards and honors within the region for his outstanding contributions to the field of ethnic nasal reshaping.

Dr. Jones receives a large number of African American patients seeking an ethnic nose job because of its impeccable track record and high patient satisfaction rates. Dr. Jones was recently named as one of Atlanta’s Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons by the Modern Luxury Jezebel Magazine. Actual patients voted to select the best surgeons for this title, which makes the honor even more special.

The magazine wrote about Dr. Jones’ expertise: “With a focus on natural nose jobs, cosmetic surgeon Wright A. Jones, M.D., also specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty, improving symmetry while maintaining ethnic identity and facial harmony.” The skill of Dr. Jones lies in preserving the essential ethnic facial integrity of the patient, while producing highly desirable and natural looking results.


Featuring in the Media

New patients can assess the credentials and authority of an ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon on several counts. One of the ways is to review what the industry observers and the media have to say about the surgeon. Dr. Jones holds the distinction of having been chosen for a major TV reality show created exclusively for an African American audience and other ethnic groups in the region who are seeking procedures such as ethnic rhinoplasty.

The show focuses on the unique challenges involved in procedures such as rhinoplasty on ethnic patients, and highlight why it is important for a surgeon to strike the delicate balance between the patient’s aesthetic goals and the need to maintain their fundamental ethnic identity. This medical reality show has selected Dr. Jones, which signifies his leadership in the field of ethnic rhinoplasty.


Latest Rhinoplasty Techniques

Dr. Jones continues to upgrade his education and surgical skills in the area of ethnic rhinoplasty. He stays abreast with cutting edge techniques and innovations in the field, and adopts them for the benefit of his patients. His goal is to make the rhinoplasty procedure less invasive, less painful combined with reduced downtime, while achieving targeted and desired outcomes that are tailored to meet the patient’s unique aesthetic and health needs.


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