Facelift Surgery

A facelift is considered to be one of the most extensive procedures to get rid of or minimize visible wrinkles and face sagging which accompanies old age. A typical face-lift procedure involves the lifting off of the skin from the face to tighten the tissues and skin lying beneath. The skin is also repositioned to sit uniformly on the face.

Dr. Wright Jones is an experienced plastic surgeon based in Atlanta who offers advanced facelift surgical procedures in Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA. As far as a facelift surgery is concerned, the ideal candidates are those who clearly show certain facial aging signs, but continue to retain skin elasticity to a certain extent. This typically include those in the age group ranging from 40 to 70 years.

It is important to remember that prior to getting a facelift; you need to be healthy and must also have rational expectations. Most people tend to think that a facelift would end up changing their appearance completely and make them look like a celebrity clone or some other person altogether. This is definitely not true.

Consulting your cosmetic surgeon

In your consultation with the plastic surgeon, you must mention your goals or objectives regarding the facelift. You need to specify to your surgeon as to what exactly you would like to change. Mention any current health issues you might be facing, any supplements prescribed to you and whether you smoke or drink.

Your cosmetic surgeon takes all these factors into consideration while examining your face and listing down various options. Advanced cosmetology allows a plastic surgeon to make use of computer imaging through which they can show how you would look post the facelift surgery with the various changes.

The facelift procedure

For the facelift procedure, your surgeon will either give you a sedative or general anesthesia via an intravenous line as well local anesthesia for numbing your skin. After this, an incision is made starting from the temple area going around the front part of the ear. The skin is then lifted and the underlying tissue and muscle is tightened. The cosmetic surgeon may also eliminate some skin and fat. After this, the skin is repositioned over the face. The incision is then stitched. It is not usually visible after the surgery.

The facelift surgery takes some hours, but the person can usually go home the same day.


The dressings on your face are generally removed after one or two days. The plastic surgeon will remove the stitches in about five to ten days. He might also prescribe certain medicines to minimize pain post surgery. Cold compression can help to reduce bruising and swelling on your face.

Contact Dr.Wright Jones in Atlanta to get a consultation regarding a facelift. He guarantees that your face would appear healthier and younger post surgery. Even though your face will still age, but with a face-lift, you can literally take years off the face. Book your appointment today for a detailed examination of your face and various facelift options.

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