BreastBreast reconstruction cosmetic surgery procedure can be performed using different techniques. The steps involved in the procedure will vary according to the technique chosen and whether the surgery is performed along with mastectomy or at a later stage. Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Wright Jones provides breast reconstruction to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA, and surrounding communities.


Breast reconstruction is a major plastic surgery procedure involving the use of general anesthesia. The patient will remain unconscious through the procedure and will not feel any pain or be aware of the surgery taking place.

Furthermore, she will not have a recollection of the surgery when she is brought out of anesthesia. The patient’s medical condition and history of drug allergies will be assessed before she is considered for general anesthesia.


Following anesthesia, the surgeon will begin the procedure by placing incisions. The location and size of incisions will depend on the type of surgical technique being used for breast reconstruction.

Flap techniques will require more incisions because tissue relocation from one area to another will be involved. Implant technique will require the fewest number of incisions. Recovery period and scarring will be impacted by the size and number of incisions.

Creating New Breast

Breast mound will be created by using implant or flap reconstruction as pre-determined during the surgical planning.

Implant Reconstruction

This procedure will occur in multiple stages. At first, a balloon expander will be placed underneath the skin and chest muscle to stretch the area. Liquid will be added to the expander over the next few weeks and months to stretch the skin adequately to fit the implant size. Once the stretching is done, saline or silicone implants will be surgically placed.

In some cases, both these steps may take place together. Permanent skin expanders may also serve as an effective implant, eliminating the need for the second stage of surgery. The cosmetic surgeon will determine the appropriate treatment option in consultation with the patient.

Flap Reconstruction

This technique will involve removal of surplus tissue from a donor site and relocating it to the breast area. Blood vessels in the transplanted tissue will be re-attached to the new ones in the breast area. The new tissue will serve as the breast mound. In some cases, an implant may also be placed.

This technique will cause more scarring because of the higher number of incisions, and will also involve more recovery time. Dr. Jones receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA, and nearby areas.

Sutures and Bandages

Once the breast surgeon has created a natural looking and symmetrical breast mound, the incisions will be closed with sutures and covered with bandages. The surgeon will provide instructions about how to care for the sutures and bandages to minimize infection risk.

Strain to the incision areas should be avoided for about six weeks to ensure safer and faster recovery. If traditional sutures have been used, the surgeon will remove them in about a week or 10 days after the procedure.

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