A breast implant is one of the more customizable cosmetic surgery procedures. This means that during the pre-operative consultation process, the patient should play a proactive role and provide relevant inputs to help the surgeon create a surgical plan tailored to meet her unique needs. A salient consultation will lay the foundation for a successful breast implant surgery.

The patient will have an opportunity during the consultation to familiarize herself with the surgeon and their team, and get an overview about the practice.

The surgeon will encourage the patient to ask questions and clear any doubts and concerns in order to make a well-informed decision. Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Wright Jones provides breast implant surgery to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta GA, and surrounding communities in this part of The Peach State.


Determining Candidacy

During the pre-op consultation, the surgeon will review the patient’s past medical records and examine her current health status. In a few cases, the surgeon may order specialized mammograms to determine the fitness of the patient. They will also assess the overall breast anatomy, skin type and skin elasticity in the breast area to make appropriate recommendations.


Major Decisions

At the time of breast implant plastic surgery consultation, some key decisions will be made. These will include the selection of the most appropriate surgical technique, the size and location of incisions, the type and size of breast implants, the placement of implants above or below the pectoral muscle, and whether the procedure may be performed independently or combined with breast lift surgery.


Implant Selection

The choice of breast implants will have a bearing on the final cosmetic outcome of the surgery. Most patients will have a choice between saline and silicone implants, which may be available in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and profiles.

The surgeon will educate the patient about the pros and cons of different types of implants and make appropriate recommendations to the patient in conformance with her unique anatomical and cosmetic requirements.


Incision Location

The options for incision placement include below the breast crease at the base of the breast, along the border of the areolas, in the underarms, or in rare cases, in the navel region. Outstanding and sagacious cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jones receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta GA, and nearby areas for breast implant surgery.


Developing Expectations

Many surgeons prefer to present breast implant surgery before and after photographs at the time of pre-op consultation. Once the patient reviews these photos, she will have a fair idea of what to expect and what not to expect from the surgery.

A patient with reasonable expectations will usually be more appreciative of the final results and feel good about her new body image. Such patients enjoy higher satisfaction levels from the surgery in the long run.


Pre- and Post-op Instructions

The surgeon will instruct the patient during the initial consultation to observe certain precautions in the pre- and post-op stages. She will be required to refrain from smoking for a certain period, and her schedule of current medications may have to be temporarily adjusted.

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