Breast augmentation is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures in the US today. Nearly 4.5 million breast augmentation surgeries were performed between 1997 and 2012, according to data released by the ASAPS. Clinically called augmentation mammaplasty, breast implant surgery is usually performed for aesthetic enhancement. It can help to create a more voluptuous appearance, restore symmetry to the breasts, or add volume to small sized breasts.

Satisfaction rates of patients who received breast augmentation have been among the highest in aesthetic surgery. One of the key reasons is that the procedure is highly customizable to meet the unique needs of a patient. An experienced breast surgeon can help patients achieve their aesthetic goals with this surgery. Dr. Wright Jones is a well-known plastic surgeon providing breast augmentation to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA, and surrounding areas.

Breast Implant Surgery Options

The FDA has approved both silicone gel and saline filled breast implants, which gives patients a choice of the implant type. Choices can also be made with regard to implant size, profile, shape, and texture. Breast augmentation plastic surgery is flexible in terms of implant placement. Implants may be placed below the pectoral muscle or behind the breast tissue, depending on the customized treatment plan.

Incisions can be located according to the patient’s needs below the breast crease, along the areola border, in the armpit, or even through the navel in rare cases. An experienced cosmetic surgeon will discuss all options carefully with the patient and plan a customized surgery. Patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA, and nearby locations have an opportunity to receive breast implant and other procedures from Dr. Jones.


Breast augmentation procedure is usually performed with the patient under general anesthesia. The location and size of incisions will be determined on a case to case basis. The surgeon will create a breast pocket through the incision for implant placement. The implant may be positioned in front of the pectoral muscle and directly behind the breast tissue, or right under the pectoral muscle.

Some surgeons may place the implant in front of the chest muscle with an aim to alleviate post-op pain and soreness. Some experts suggest placing the implants underneath the pectoral muscle can prevent future interference with mammograms. Following the implant placement, the surgeon will carefully close the incisions with traditional or dissolvable sutures.dx

Drains and Bandage

Immediately after the surgery, the breasts will be wrapped with a gauze bandage for support. A surgical bra or compression bandage will be provided for extra support in the first few weeks. Drainage tubes may be placed in the treated area for the first week to minimize the risk of infection and reduce the swelling.


The treated areas must be protected against dust for the first few days to avoid the risk of infection. Vigorous exercises and lifting of heavy weights should also be avoided for about a month to increase healing and comfort. Most patients will be in a position to resume their regular activities or return to work in about 10 to 14 days after surgery.

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