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Eyelid lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to treat the bagginess of lower eyelid areas and removal of excess upper eyelid skin. The presence of such excess skin in older people can obscure their vision, and eyelid lift surgery can be used to restore the balance. Otherwise, the treatment is mostly preferred for cosmetic effects.

Skin will lose its elasticity upon aging and therefore the gravity causes the excess skin to pull down on the eyelid areas. In the upper eyelid, it creates an extra skin fold which will come in the way of normal vision. In the lower eyelid, it causes wrinkles and bag-like masses. A certain amount of fat is always helpful to protect the eyeballs from hitting the skull. After a certain age, the thin membrane that contains the fat begin to fade and ultimately disappears resulting in leakage of fat further into the eyelids.

Effects of eyelid lift surgery

The effects of cosmetic surgery procedure like eyelid lift is in the reduction of the size of both the upper and lower eyelids. It helps to achieve a young looking eye but most importantly it restores vision in older people. The effects of this treatment can be sustained for at least seven years. The treatment will not stop the eyelids from aging and the process will continue slowly. If again the eyelids begin to pull down, then a simple forehead lift procedure can be done to counter the problem.

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Ideal candidates for eyelid lift

Candidates who wish to undergo eyelid lift must be in good health condition. They have to keep realistic expectations from the treatment to have to be satisfied about the results in the end. The most common candidates are above 35 years of age. Candidates are also required to have a good communication with the surgeon to know exactly how the procedure works and what can be expected in the end. While it can drastically improve the look of your eyes, eyelid lift doesn’t always alter entire facial appearance.

Procedure of eyelid lift

The treatment will begin after the initial consultation and planning sessions. First, the treatment is performed on the upper eyelid area. A cut will be made along the eyelid skin lines through which the excess of fat and muscular tissues are removed. Later, the cut will be closed with minute stitches which must be kept as is for a couple of days. Stitches are not required for lower eyelid lift as the cuts made on that region are not visible.

Post-surgery complications

Chances of complications and side-effects with eyelid lift are very rare. When they occur, they do in the form of minute bleeding, infection and abnormal folding. It could result in dry eyes due to the loss of dilation.

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