African American rhinoplasty is an ethnic cosmetic surgery procedure designed to meet the unique nose reshaping needs of patients of African American descent. People of this origin will typically have a nose is broad, flat and short, with flat, wide and low nasal bridge, and a thick-skinned and wide nasal tip.

The nose surgeon must combine the principles of science and art to produce natural looking and desirable changes in patients of ethnic origin. Dr. Wright Jones is a double board certified plastic surgeon with expertise in African American rhinoplasty. Dr. Jones provides this procedure to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA, and surrounding locations.


Customized Surgery

African American rhinoplasty will require the surgeon to create subtle changes that improve the natural balance of the face but without compromising the ethnic integrity or identity of the face. Without customization of this plastic surgery procedure according to the patient’s unique facial features, it may not be possible to subtly restore a balanced profile and improve the patient’s facial appearance.

The surgeon will closely engage with the patient to understand their personal aesthetic needs and goals, and assess their individual facial features. These inputs will be used to develop a customized surgical plan that will seamlessly blend the reshaped nose with the rest of the face. The cosmetic surgeon will not like to give everyone the same nose, and will strive to create individually appealing and natural looking results.


Characteristics of African American Rhinoplasty

Many African American patients want to reduce the nose size, make it appear thinner, and remove any hump on the nasal bridge. However, some patients may have a goal to lift and define the nose bridge or refine the nasal tip, if it is depressed, poorly defined or too low. The surgeon will prepare the surgical plan in the context of the entire face to determine whether nose augmentation or reduction will suit the patient.

In case of nasal augmentation, the surgeon may use synthetic implants to build up the nasal tip or the depressed bridge. Implants may also be derived from the cartilage taken from the septum, if it is sufficiently available. Ear cartilage may also be used very effectively to augment the nasal tip. Cartilage grafts have low infection and rejection rates, making them the first choice for nasal implants.


Functional Correction

Some African American patients may require rhinoplasty to restore the functional and structural integrity of the nasal passages. This treatment approach may be necessary to correct breathing problems or repair an injury. The patient may typically require rebuilding of the nasal tip, bridge and columella, while still maintaining the correct balance between the nostrils and the bridge.

During the procedure, the surgeon will also take care to maintain the external aesthetics of the nostrils. If the trauma or malformation is severe, the surgeon may use synthetic devices such as K-wires, metallic mesh, or screws to complete the restoration process. Dr. Jones receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Marietta, GA, and nearby areas for African American rhinoplasty and various other procedures.


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